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Launch Your Fintech Business In The Iberian Region

Our consultants not only know the region in-depth but they also share their expertise in the fintech industry effectively with clients and investors to make the most of the collaboration towards a remarkable business strategy.

Puerta De Europa towers as viewed from Plaza de Castilla.

Spain Market Insight

Launching a fintech business in a new market requires meticulous research and planning. Partner with iBerotech before you roll out into a European territory guarantees you will avoid costly mistakes thanks to our large experience.


Leverage our expert knowledge of the Iberian fintech market to plan your entry strategy, from market research to workspace assessments and useful networking establishment.

Company On-boarding & Set-up

Truly understanding a new country’s legal processes can be daunting, especially for fintech companies unfamiliar with the business regulations and local red tape.


With iBerotech’s in-depth knowledge of Spanish legal and compliance, you can rest assured of a reliable company configuration so you can focus on running your business.  

Fintech Operations & Talent Acquisition

Any business lives or dies depending on the professionality of the people you count on -more even in cutting-edge industries like fintech. Our trusted network of experts in Spain is on hand to see your launch goes smoothly.


On top of high-quality knowledge, iBerotech employs hard-working talent with a creative problem-solving approach and hands-on attitude to ensure our clients’ needs are fulfilled on time.

What Our Network Says

Since I've known Julio, he brought a warm positiveness to our organisation and specifically in online business. I found working with Julio very easy and comfortable, he is ready to help, collaborative and a seasoned expert in supportive process. I find in Julio a well focused and oriented manager with proven leadership skills. Julio has his focus on building and maintaining long-term business relationships with care and sympathy that is difficult to find in today's rushing business environment. I want to thank Julio for his professionalism and human touch.

Jose Miguel Martin – Finance Manager, DFC Global Corp linkedin

Julio Gómez is a dedicated, ambitious and result-driven professional. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Julio Gómez is your man!

Helen Savenius – Operations Executive, BCaster linkedin