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About iBerotech

We focus on value co-creation

iBerotech Is Key For A Successful Fintech Business Launch In The Iberian Region

iBerotech offers management consultancy specializing in market entry and operations for fintech businesses in the Iberian region.


Our team has a large experience in helping clients and investors to access local networks, strategic partners and critical resources while they set up operations or focus on closing deals. iBerotech’s cultural understanding and business know-how make your launch go smoothly and within the negotiated timeline.


Co-creation is highly valued at iBerotech, meaning it’s important to truly understand what our clients need in order to help them achieve their goals and grow their fintech businesses in Europe while delivering solutions tailored specifically to their unique situation, needs and budget.

What Our Network Says

Henna Himanka

Julio is a true business professional and a pleasure to work with. He is a good communicator, has very good social skills and works well in different teams. He notices people's skills and strengths and knows how to encourage them - that quality makes him an especially great team leader.

Henna Himanka – Chief Investor Relations Officer, MobiBank linkedin
Jari Haapasalmi

Julio is a people person; warm and cooperative. His positivity and friendly style is remarkable. I have seen Julio grow as a Senior Business Manager, taking full responsibility for P&L accounts and delivering solutions to challenging situations with a blend of innovative thinking and a risk-taking attitude. I can endorse Julio and am sure he will surpass expectations as a curated business manager

Jari Haapsalmi – Senior Analyst, Blue Finance linkedin